Our Story

Amp Americas has been a pioneer in renewable transportation fuel since 2011. We have accomplished a lot since then. 

  • Our CNG fleet surpassed 50 million miles. 
  • We built 20 CNG stations. 
  • Our project at Fair Oaks Farms became the only dairy RNG project certified by EPA and ARB. 
  • We achieved the record for lowest carbon intensity score. 

We are not done: we will bring two more dairy projects online in 2018.

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Our Ambition


To help accelerate the conversion of every heavy duty diesel truck to clean, 100% renewable natural gas.


Build RNG projects and develop commercial models to convert farm, industrial and municipal waste into sustainable sources of transportation fuel.


Create lasting impact for our people, our communities, our environment and our investors by operating with integrity and driving innovation in our business and our markets. 

Our Impact

Since 2011, we have displaced ~280,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide (28 million gallons of diesel fuel).  In 2017 alone, we displaced 79,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide (8 million gallons of diesel fuel)... equivalent to taking over 17,000 cars off the road or planting over 92,000 acres of forest. That's a forest the size of Detroit, Denver, or Philadelphia! 

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