Incentive funding is available to fleets considering CNG truck conversion and CNG station builds via two sources: State and Federal governments. Volkswagen's settlement with the EPA represents an additional funding opportunity for CNG truck conversions. 

State incentives

You can get up to $100,000 per CNG truck with state incentives. Funding availability is limited by State budgets, is subject to change and sometimes carries restrictions. Fill out the form below and a representative from Amp Americas will help you find out if incentives are available in your state. 

Federal Incentives

Federal incentives are available for fleets, station developers, and project developers in the CNG and RNG as transportation fuel industry. 

In early 2018, Congress will vote on re-instating the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit (AFTC). The AFTC is a $0.50 per GGE credit for CNG. The AFTC is part of the Tax Extenders package. Congress is voting on a two-year extension, retroactive for 2017 and for 2018.

volkswagen mitigation trust

Volkswagen's (VW) settlement with the EPA required VW to establish a $2.7 billion mitigation trust fund to mitigate excess NOx pollution as a result of Volkwagen's Clean Air Act violations. New Low-NOx CNG trucks are eligible for this funding. For more information visit NGVA's VW Action Center.

To find out if your truck, fleet, or project is eligible for Federal or State incentives, VW funding, or to learn more about the AFTC: fill out the contact form below and a representative of our team will contact you within 2 business days.

Which Sources of Funding Are You Interested In Learning More About?